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All your life you live so close to truth it becomes a
permanent blur in the corner of your eye.
And when something nudges it into outline,
it's like being ambushed by a grotesque.
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Catherine OpieUntitled #7 (Surfers) (2003)


This is hilarious in the darkest way because this tree is holding the dead corpse of one of the other trees

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why the nuts am I still up

“‘Don’t eat that.’

Her eyes shot open and she suddenly turned her head to the side, seeing Beca’s face inches away from her own. She breathed out a heavy sigh of relief, trying to ignore how her heart was pounding in her chest. The brunette then moved to rest her mouth beside her other ear and whispered, “The eggs are gross.”

She let out a soft breath when Beca moved her head to her other ear again, picking Chloe’s plate up.

"Try the pancakes." Beca whispered, placing a different plate in front of Chloe. "They come with a cherry."

She shot a small smile at Chloe, saying, “good morning” before turning around and walking away, leaving the redhead sitting at the table, trying to stop from smiling in her chair.”

Call Me Crazy, by bechloehuh

Hello fandom, it’s been a while since we last interacted, but here I am once again. I apologize for the roughness of this sketch, as the need to draw it came to me around 2 in the morning.

To my other followers: sorry I’m a piece of shit who draws crappy fanart. Please don’t tell my mother.

You can read and review bechloehuh’s phenomenal piece, Call Me Crazy, here.

Indian Ocean By jogorman

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The mainstream will embrace non-binary genders when it figures out how to profit from them.

"Which gender are YOU? Do gender YOUR way… at JC Penney!"

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I don’t think I know anyone with this background, but maybe we can signal boost. One major thing the Ferguson organizers have been asking for specifically for several days is for service donations from mental health professionals with a background in trauma counseling, people of color would be preferable for obvious reasons. If you know someone who might be willing to either to go to Ferguson or do tele-sessions, please direct them to this form.

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Lana Picciano

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